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Friday, May 2, 2008

Weird laws in Colorado


. Car dealers may not show cars on a Sunday.
. Colorado law requires that wine be sold in containers of at least 24 ounces and spirits in containers at least a fifth of a gallon. But, at the same time, it also decrees that no alcohol beverage can be stored in hotel minibars in anything larger than miniature containers.
. Colorado Springs: It is permissible to wear a holstered six-gun within city limits, except on Sunday, Election Day, or holidays.
. Crippe Creek: It is illegal to bring your horse or pack mule above the ground floor of any building.
. Denver: The dog catcher must notify dogs of impounding by posting, for three consecutive days, a notice on a tree in the city park and along a public road running through said park;
. It is unlawful to lend your vacuum cleaner to your next-door neighbor;
. It is illegal to mistreat rats;
. You may not drive a black car on Sundays.
. Durango: It is illegal to go in public dressed in clothes "unbecoming" on
one's sex.
. Have you ever had the urge to rip the tag from a pillow or mattress, despite the warning of dire penalties? Well, it's perfectly legal now, if you live in Colorado. The Governor formalized the law by gleefully tearing a label from a pillow at his office. "I've been worrying about the mattress inspector jumping through the window for years," he said.
. In Colorado it's now legal to remove the furniture tags that say, "Do Not
Remove Under Penalty of Law."
. In Denver, Colorado it is illegal for Barber's to give massages to nude customers unless it is for instructional purposes.
. It is against the law in Pueblo, Colorado, to raise or permit a dandelion to grow within the city limits.
. It is illegal for a man to kiss a woman while she is asleep in Logan County, Colorado.
. It is illegal for a woman wearing a red dress to be out on the streets after 7 PM.
. It is illegal for liquor stores to sell food or grocery stores to sell any alcohol except beer that is at most 3.2% alcohol.
. Sterling: Cats may not run loose without having been fit with a taillight.

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