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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Man sues tourist company over bad hotel tour

It almost sounds racist, unless you put yourself in the shoes of the person who has undergone such conditions. A British holidaymaker, responding to a tourist brochure, booked rooms at a hotel in Greece, and when he went their with his family, he found that the hotel was full of Germans, with only 25 of the 700 families being English, and most of the other 675 being German. Now this was not a reason for the complaint that he made, but it was the fact that all the facilities, the reps over there, all of this communication was in German and he could not enjoy his stay:

A British holidaymaker was awarded compensation by a court because there were too many German tourists at the hotel he booked in Greece, newspapers reported on Saturday. David Barnish, 47, paid 4,000 pounds (5,100 euros, 8,000 dollars) to take his wife and three daughters to a resort in Kos, but the family were unable to take part in entertainment or children's activities because they were only organised in the German language, the Daily Telegraph and Sun reported.
Barnish sued holiday company Thomson for breach of contract, claiming it had failed to disclose that the Grecotel Park hotel was used almost exclusively by Germans. A court in the central English city of Stoke awarded him 750 pounds in compensation after a judge ruled that customers at a hotel featured in an English-language brochure should be provided for in their own language, the reports said.

This was an interesting case, and was substantiating the consumers cannot be taken for a ride. If they are not getting what they have paid for, then they can complain and get their complaints heard.

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