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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Man hacked computer game to win girl-friend

People do many strange things in order to get their loved ones to say yes to marriage - some of which cost a great deal of money and effort. In many cases, there is also the belief that if you can get the marriage question ("Will you marry me?") to pop in a different and novel way, your girlfriend would get impressed and have a greater chance of saying Yes. So, betting on this, a hacker modified a favorite computer game of his girlfriend so that when she reached a certain stage of the game, she would see the question:

Hiding a ring in a bouquet just wasn't enough when a computer programmer decided to pop the question. Bernie Peng reprogrammed Tammy Li's favorite video game, "Bejeweled," so a ring and a marriage proposal would show up on the screen when she reached a certain score.
"Most video game companies would frown on people manipulating their games," said Garth Chouteau, a spokesman for PopCap. "But it won him a woman. As a bunch of geeks, we have to say, 'Bernie, hats off to you.' " The company is also supplying copies of "Bejeweled" to hand out as favors to the wedding guests.

This is a pretty novel way of getting the girlfriend to say 'Yes', but the person who most benefited from this seems to be the company making the game since they have got immense publicity from the situation.

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