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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Weird news - Unwilling to claim large planes

This particular case may be driven totally by economics, but it is really weird no matter whether it is logical. People are loath to give up items of value, and would consider leaving anything of value with somebody else as something to be avoided. Even if the item is not working, it could still be scrapped. And then you read this article where planes have been left at an airport with nobody willing to claim them. The concept being that the pending charges for these planes (including airport charges and others) would be so bad that the owners are not showing up to claim these planes. However, it is weird that the airport has no paperwork or documentation to track who actually owns these planes, and these are massive planes (link to article):
The operators of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) have placed a bizarre advertisement in a Malaysian newspaper seeking the owners of three 747-200F aircraft apparently abandoned there. "If you fail to collect the aircraft within 14 days of the date of this notice, we reserve the right to sell or otherwise dispose of the aircraft" under Malaysian regulations, said the ad which ran in Monday's edition of The Star. The notice was addressed to the "untraceable owner" of the planes.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Weird news - Man smuggling large number of turtles

Smuggles are known to try and smuggle anything of value across borders, with drugs being one of the most common and value enhancing smuggling activities, and the smuggling of people one of the most tragic smuggling cases (with numerous such activities resulting in the deaths of many of those being smuggled across). Rare and precious animal species also form a large part of such smuggling activities, such as in this case. One can only stop and wonder about how people are able to smuggle a large number of such animals with the expectation that they will be successful, with each smuggling trip making them more confident (till the time that they are caught). Imagine smuggling 41 turtles on your body (just the fact that the ones taped to your body would be squirming and moving would make it so squeamish and ticklish is enough to turn off most people when they think about this). (link to article)
In August 2014, Xu crossed the U.S.-Canada border into Detroit and was watched by U.S. agents as he picked up a package at a parcel center and appeared to transfer items before heading back to the border, according to a criminal complaint. When he passed back through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, Xu was stopped by Canadian Border Services, which found and seized 41 live turtles taped to his legs and 10 hidden between his legs, the complaint said. The day of his arrest, Xu packed more than 1,000 turtles into suitcases that he sent with a runner he had hired to fly them to Shanghai from Detroit, prosecutors said.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Weird news - Suspected thief stuck in chimney, dies after fire lit

It's always been a horror story. Imagine those scenes in movies where people try to enter a secure place or escape captivity by going through narrow pipes or metal tubes where there is a flame going to come through, or a fan moves at regular intervals that can cut people to pieces, and they manage to make it through everytime. Real life is more dangerous, and people are not successful every time they try to make it through such dangerous entrances. One of the perennial questions about the concept of Santa Claus is about coming in the house through a chimney, and whether Santa would get stuck inside the chimney or if the fire was lit, then it would get real dangerous. In a tragic case, a real life situation ended up where a suspected thief tried to enter the house through a chimney, got stuck, and died when the house owner lit a fire (without knowing that there was somebody stuck in the chimney). What a horrible way to die, although it might be the gases passing through the confined chimney rather than the fire or heat itself (link to article):
The man appeared to have climbed into the chimney during the night while the owner was away and then became stuck, according to the Fresno County Sheriff's Office. The owner of the home in Huron lit a fire in his fireplace on Saturday afternoon but then heard a man yelling inside the chimney as the house filled with smoke, the sheriff's office said in a statement. The homeowner tried to extinguish the flames but firefighters who dismantled the chimney during a rescue effort found the suspect dead inside, the sheriff's office said.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Weird news - Spiders invade a town in US town in Tennessee

Weird indeed. One might have seen some B-grade horror movie that describes the assaults of spiders on a town. These could be deformed or mutant spiders that have grown large and aggressive and attack a small town. Causing huge casualties in the population, put a huge fear within the humans and eventually cause a fightback where some solution is found to get rid of the spiders. In the movies, these are all large spiders, that are very scary. In real life, there are small spiders that don't threaten the population of an entire town, but can be very venomous to individual people and can cause death in some cases.
This was a case out of the ordinary. People suddenly find a huge number (millions) of small spiders that have invaded a small town in the state of Tennessee in the US. These are small spiders that are individually non-threatening and non-poisonous, but it is very unsettling to see so many small spiders (and many humans have an inherent fear of spiders). Where did they all come from and how to get rid of them ? (link to article):
Experts say the presence of the spiders is not a bad thing. The spiders are coming from web, part of what Memphis Zoo Curator Steve Reichling said is a natural "mass dispersal" of harmless, beneficial arachnids. But residents are not happy. "Clean this area up and spray for these spiders and make it safe. There are kids running around. A spider could bite the kids or anything," Lewis said. On Twitter, the editor-in-chief of the Memphis Business Journal called for immediate civic action.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Weird news - Not knowing that you are pregnant and ready to deliver

It is always so weird when you read the news that somebody gave birth but did not really know that they were pregnant. Obviously, the basic criteria is that the person involved either does know what a pregnancy involves, or they believe that they are beyond being pregnant. In this case, the lady did not believe that she could be pregnant, even though she was having regular intercourse with her boyfriend, believing that she would be a parent some time in the future.
So, for many months in the interim, she had no idea that she was carrying a baby inside her, but was having some stomach pains, and decided to get it checked out. What a shock it must have been, when she was informed that the stomach pains was actually a baby getting ready to come out in the world, and within an hour of this information being given to her, she actually gave birth to a healthy baby. Instead of coming back from the hospital with some pills for her stomach pain, she came back with a small baby daughter, an incredible surprise (link to article):
A Massachusetts woman found out the pains in her stomach Tuesday morning were actually a baby who was ready to be delivered.Katherine (Katie) Kropas gave birth to her daughter an hour after being told she was pregnant at the South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth. “It’s just been a rollercoaster,” her mother Karen told the Daily News. “But the mother and daughter and doing great.” Katie told The News she had no idea she was pregnant and had none of the usual symptoms like morning sickness. But when she had stomach pains she checked herself into the hospital Tuesday and awaited the test results.

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