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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weird news: Newborn baby left in the trash bin of an aircraft

Sometimes we come across some news stories that can shock even the most hard person. Stories about how babies are left are shocking, but we mostly come across cases where the baby has been left at the doorstep of some sort of orphanage, or left where they can be found quickly and the appropriate care given. However, in extreme cases (such as where the mother fears social pressures or the threat of physical violence) the baby may even be abandoned in such a situation where the baby may die quickly. This is also a sad reflection of social mores where the mother feels so pressured that she would rather abandon a baby like this. In this case (link to article), the baby was found in the trash of an aircraft, probably born during the flight, and found by a security officer who detected movement in a bag:

Philippine authorities on Monday tried to identify the mother of a baby born on a commercial flight from West Asia and found abandoned in the airplane’s trash, evoking pity and outrage among Filipinos.
The baby — still attached to the placenta — could have died had a security officer on the tarmac not noticed the movement in one of the trash bags unloaded from the aircraft. When he opened the bag and dug through the rubbish, the officer was stunned to find the baby, which was brought to an airport clinic, airport press officer Connie Bungag said.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weird news: Drunk man tries to drive off with train full of passengers

Drunk driving is a major crime, with a number of countries having tough laws dealing with the same. A person convicted of the same can be fined, driving license revoked, and jailed (and all of these can also be applied at the same time for somebody convicted of the same). When a person is drunk, their ability to follow a rational course of action gets impaired, and in extreme cases, they can take any action. A drunk person starts doing something that the person would otherwise only think about, as can be seen in this example.
It is not normal for a normal person to start driving a train unless they have been trained in driving the train, especially when there are passengers on board. So what would you say to a person who gets drunk and tries to make off with a train loaded with passengers (link to article):

A middle-aged man, apparently under the influence, jumped into the engine of a passenger train and tried to commandeer it. Luckily, the man could not locate the accelerator and his journey lasted only about 50 metres before the train's two drivers and a posse of Government Railway Police (GRP) men managed to get inside the driver's cabin and halt the train.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weird news - Woman killed for screaming another man's name during sex with boyfriend

The passion that people have can make them do incredible things; the passion that a mother has for her children can make her do anything to defend them. At the same time, the passion that is evoked during an emotional relationship, can make a person feel very strongly for their partner, and when their such feeling is hurt, it can make them take extreme steps. This has led to many murders of passion in the recent past, with people feeling cheated by their partners taking the extreme step of either killing their partner or killing themselves. Well, read this article (link to article):

A man stabbed his girlfriend to death after she accidentally blurted out the name of another man as they made love. Gary Higgs, 44, flew into a rage when his girlfriend suddenly cried out: 'Chris!'. He stormed downstairs, grabbed a chef's knife and stabbed Joanne Kitchen once in the back and once in the chest.
Higgs, who admitted murder, was yesterday jailed for life and told he must serve a minimum of 15 years.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weird news - Man charged with sex with a horse, especially for the second time

Having sex with animals is regarded as a crime, with specific laws against it. In some cases, people who have been charged with this crime have been also listed as sex offenders and placed on a watchlist. In this case, there are further problems where the owner of the animal with which the alleged crime has taken place is highly confused by the behavior of the animal and tried to find out what had happened, especially since the same thing had happened earlier. The owner was shocked to find the same man doing the same thing, especially since the problem was reported some years back and the person had been charged (link to article);

Kenley said she noticed several weeks ago her 21-year-old horse Sugar was acting strange and getting infections again. She noticed things in the barn had been moved around – dirt piled up and bales of hay stacked near the horse's stall at her Lazy B Stables in Longs, about 20 miles northeast of Myrtle Beach. "Police kept telling me it couldn't be the same guy," Kenley said Wednesday. "I couldn't believe that there were two guys going around doing this to the same horse."
Kenley didn't call police because she was certain the man would come back to the stable, and she wanted to make sure he was arrested. So she staked out the barn and caught Vereen inside Monday night, chasing him to his truck and holding him with her shotgun until police came. "He said he wasn't there to do anything, and I said, 'I know you were. I have you on tape.' And then he said he was sorry if he hurt me," Kenley said.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Weird News: Man charged with trying to have sex with a sheep in New Zealand

In law, it is illegal for humans to try to have sex with animals, although occasionally people are caught on this charge, and such types of videos are also found on porn sites. Such cases also shock people who cannot believe as to why somebody would think about trying to have sex with other animals rather than with humans. Consider this case from New Zealand where he was seen by somebody else when he was trying to force himself on the sheep, and was charged with the crime. One of the prime objectives of his lawyer was to try to ensure that any information about the name of the man or his identity was concealed (link to article):

He was remanded on bail on one charge of attempting to commit an act of indecency with a sheep. The lawyer representing the man applied for a suppression order prohibiting the publication of his name, occupation and address after the Herald on Sunday started making inquiries about the incident.
It is understood a woman jogging saw the alleged incident on the outskirts of a small town, about an hour away from Christchurch, and reported it to police.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weird news - Considering how to deliberately cause paralysis in Saudi Arabia

People are generally shocked when they get to know about some of the punishments that they see or hear about in areas governed by a harsher versions of Islam, such as stoning for adultery, or cutting off hands or feet for theft, or the many punishments carried out by the Taliban in the areas under their control. However, this is not something that happens infrequently, it is part of the system of jurisprudence, where a crime can be punished by a similar punishment as the crime. However, it still feels very shocking, especially when one reads of cases such as this court in Saudi Arabia wanting to know whether paralysis can be a punishment for somebody who caused paralysis in somebody else (link to article):

Saudi media are reporting that a judge has asked several hospitals in the country whether they could damage a man's spinal cord as punishment after he was convicted of attacking another man with a cleaver and paralyzing him. Saudi Arabia enforces Islamic law and on occasion metes out punishments based on the ancient code of an eye-for-an-eye.
The unidentified defendant hit Abdul Aziz Al Mutairi, another Saudi, with a cleaver during a fight more than two years ago and the trial has been delayed because Mutairi is insisting that his attacker suffer the same injury.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Weird news - 3 year old daughter goes to get rescue for collapsed dad, saves his life

How often can somebody expect that their 3 year old child can do something to save their life ? Seems a very difficult and chancy statement, but it happened in this case. You can train your children as much as possible, but whether it will ever work is a different matter altogether. And yet, when something like this happens, it seems remarkable. Consider the following case where the 3 year old daughter managed to recognize that her father was in danger due to some wrong medicines, and went to the nearby fire station, and got quick help for her dad. Something really remarkable, and validates all the teaching that the daughter got about how to get help in times of need (link to article):

Frank Tafoya told CNN affiliate KOVR that he "took a mixture of medication I wasn't supposed to at the time -- a bed-time dose -- and I guess I collapsed." Alesaundra did exactly what she was taught -- walking two blocks to reach Fire Station 243, a firehouse the family passes daily.
Once there, she told firefighters that her dad was "frozen" and wouldn't wake up, according to KOVR. "I've been here over 20 years," Capt. Robert Villalovoz said. "It's the first time I've had a 3-year-old walk up to the fire station."

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