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Monday, September 6, 2010

Weird News: Man charged with trying to have sex with a sheep in New Zealand

In law, it is illegal for humans to try to have sex with animals, although occasionally people are caught on this charge, and such types of videos are also found on porn sites. Such cases also shock people who cannot believe as to why somebody would think about trying to have sex with other animals rather than with humans. Consider this case from New Zealand where he was seen by somebody else when he was trying to force himself on the sheep, and was charged with the crime. One of the prime objectives of his lawyer was to try to ensure that any information about the name of the man or his identity was concealed (link to article):

He was remanded on bail on one charge of attempting to commit an act of indecency with a sheep. The lawyer representing the man applied for a suppression order prohibiting the publication of his name, occupation and address after the Herald on Sunday started making inquiries about the incident.
It is understood a woman jogging saw the alleged incident on the outskirts of a small town, about an hour away from Christchurch, and reported it to police.

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