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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Weird news - Living with a needle in the ass for years

Once in a while, you will read a report about somebody having a medical examination and then having something removed from their body that was foreign to the body and yet was present there for years and years. It seems most unlikely, after all, how can something be present in the body for so many years and not come out, or not even be able to feel that foreign object in the body and so on. And yet there are cases where a person has got a bullet in their body for years and even decades and it was fine, until one day when it started causing problems and has to be removed. In this case, a person had a needle in their ass and after decades, the needle finally started causing problems and had to be removed (link to article):
Kiran Kumar, from Malayankeezhu in Kerala's Thiruvananthapuram, has been living with a sewing needle in his rear for the last 22 years. Kiran, now 34 years old, had gotten the needle pierced inside when he was in the sixth grade after he sat on it. It seems he was taken to a hospital then, but the doctors weren't able to find the needle. Nor did he undergo any further check up because there was no pain or discomfort. But two weeks ago, after 22 long years, Kiran felt immense pain in his rear and went to a private hospital for check up from where he was referred to Thiruvananthapuram medical college hospital. Doctors there found that the needle is the cause of pain and swelling and understood it was one and half inches deep inside his body. They couldn't find the exact location then.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Weird news - Person dissolves in Yellowstone hot water spring

A horrific accident, that just goes to show how dangerous it can be to take security considerations and safety rules lightly. Yellowstone National Park is very attractive for visitors because of the beauty, and because of the hot springs and geysers; but underlying all this is the fact that the park sits on top of a huge volcanic chamber, and the conditions on top are because of the magma chamber underneath. As a result, there are many different types of gases (many of them dangerous), different levels of heat in the water along with many minerals that can make contact with the water dangerous. For the safety of visitors, there are regulations about where all visitors can go, and visitors are forbidden to go outside these regions. In addition, even though it may seem attractive to enjoy bathing in these hot springs, the conditions can be dangerous and hence it is prohibited. This horrific accident shows why these regulations should be followed (link to article).
This sister faced the horror of seeing her brother fall and die in a hot spring, and the high level of minerals (corrosive) caused a quick dissolution of the body to the extent that when rescuers tried to retrieve the body later, it could not found (link to article):
Like many of the 840,000 people who visited Yellowstone in June, Colin and Sable Scott, a brother and sister from Oregon, came to marvel at the basin’s thermal features. But their visit took a turn for the horrific, as The Washington Post reported, when the pair left the protective boardwalk and hiked 225 yards into the basin. “Then, somehow, Colin Scott slipped, and as his sister watched, the 23-year-old tumbled into one of the boiling springs. Despite her immediate call for help and the prolonged search efforts by park staff, her brother was never seen again,” The Post reported in June. One of the few pieces of evidence left behind was a pair of Scott’s flip-flops.

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