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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Weird news - Teen wakes up on the way to his funeral

One reads of stories like this from time to time, but the emotional impact of such a story is incredible on the person involved and the family members. Imagine if this recovery had happened just a few hours later, when it would have been too late and the person would have had a cremation.
The youth had been bitten by a stray dog and because of the high fever and complications that followed, he was hospitalized with a severe problem and at the end, the doctors said that they were unable to provide any further help and that he was beyond help. So the family decided to take him away When they felt no movement or other signs of life, they took him to be dead and decided to take him to the funeral.
However, he got up on the way to the funeral, which would be a shock to his family, but also a big relief (link to article):
A 17-year-old boy woke up on the way to his funeral in Dharwad's Managundi village, surprising his relatives and villagers who had presumed him dead. He was rushed to a private hospital where his condition is critical. Bitten by a stray dog one month ago, Kumar Marewad, 17, had high fever last week following which he was admitted to a Dharwad hospital. As his condition deteriorated, the teenager was put on ventilator. The doctors told Kumar's relatives that he was critical and that he would not survive if life support was removed. Informing them that infection had spread in Kumar's body, the doctors left the family to decide if they wanted to continue treatment. Later, the family decided to shift him home.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Weird news - Kid driving a car in New Zealand, training !

The age of driving varies in different geographies and countries, with it being 16 in some places and 18 in some places. The idea is that driving means you are risking both yours and other people's lives, and hence some amount of maturity is required. This rule can be implemented quite strictly with strict fines in the more developed countries, while less developed countries struggle to check this problem and enforce the necessary penalties. But in a country such as New Zealand, one would expect that this is a very strict rule and there would be few people willing to experiment with breaking this rule.
So consider the surprise of this driver when he saw that the car ahead of him was being driven by what seemed like a 8 year old, and with a goat in the car. And it was not just some kid who had stolen the keys for a joy-ride, in fact, there was an adult in the backseat who was fine with the kid driving (link to article):
Video has emerged of a child driving a car packed with other children - and a goat. The footage, filmed in Whitianga by Auckland's Gaz Walden, shows several children in a red Ford Falcon with a boy, about 8 years old, at the wheel. Walden then realises there is a goat in the back seat. "You're f***ing kidding me. What the f*** is going on. This is insane. Look at him, he can only just see over the steering wheel," he says. He pulls up next to the car and tells the boy he shouldn't be driving - but then a middle-aged man climbs out of the back seat to reassure him, saying the boy is "actually training". "I don't care mate - that is ridiculous," Walden tells him.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Weird news - Snake falls through ceiling and remains unseen for a couple of days

Seems a bit weird, that a large hole is there in the ceiling, which means some animal or something must have dropped through; and yet nobody detected a snake there for a few days. The hole had been detected, but it was assumed that this was because a possum had fallen through (and they have had possum problems before). It was only after the cleaner saw this large snake (and if you see the image, it is a pretty large snake); of course, the snake had eaten a large animal and hence was not likely to move much (snakes tend to become slower after they have eaten, they are slowly digesting what they have eaten). Hence, it became easy for them to evict the snake from its resting place (link to article):
On Tuesday, Chantal Vaughan walked into her gym and discovered a hole in the ceiling. The owner of Bokwa CQ gym in Rockhampton, Australia, she initially thought that a possum had probably fallen through the ceiling and didn't think much of it - the gym has a possum problem. Two days later, however, she received a terrifying text from her cleaner, informing her that a massive snake had been found inside the gym. The hole in the ceiling, it turns out, was made by a huge snake falling through it.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Weird news - Robbing missionary, getting beaten up

This is the kind of behavior that police forces are always in 2 minds upon. If you are set upon by 2 robbers who have a gun, fighting them can be dangerous since one does not know their state of mind. They could be desperate and liable to use the gun on the person they are robbing, and a simple robbery could turn into a tragedy, a murder.
However, when something like the below case happens, people are liable to applaud the person who defeats the robbers, such as the missionary in this case. He was picked on by 2 armed robbers in Brazil, and fought back, disarming them and sending them on their way (link to article):
A newly released dramatic video captures two would-be robbers in the streets of Brazil being undone by a Mormon missionary from the United States, who disarms one man and pummels another with punches. In the end, the apparent attackers flee on foot, leaving behind their motorcycle. “The missionary feared for his life and reacted,” Eric Hawkins, spokesman for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, headquartered in Salt Lake City, told The Washington Post late Wednesday. No police report was filed, he said.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Weird news - Young boys kill flamingo in zoo

The law says that young children cannot be penalized for their actions, although some countries do allow prosecution if the crime committed is particularly heinous, say for example, when they kill somebody or rape, or something similar. It gets more tricky when they indulge in behavior that is a portend of future bad behavior, but when they are so young, how does one penalize them ? It is a similar situation when a 6 year old kills a younger boy; at that young age, one cannot treat them as an adult and punish them, but at the same time, the crime can be horrendous.
In the present case, these 3 young boys, who obviously has thought about what they were planning on doing, climbed into a zoo and broke into the flamingo enclosure and started pelting them with stones and killed one of these beautiful and graceful birds. And probably the only thing that can be done is that the zoo can charge their parents for the damage that has happened, which should be atleast some kind of indicator to their parents that something needs to be done (link to article):
It was here that the pink-feathered bird was stoned and beaten to death Friday by a trio of young boys, zoo officials told The Washington Post, marking the latest in a string of attacks around the world on zoo animals. The boys, ages 5, 6 and 8, broke into the zoo and scaled a fence to reach the indoor flamingo exhibit. Then they attacked the 60-bird flock, throwing rocks and sticks at them. “First, they pelted them with stones and then one of them kicked it,” resident zoologist Jan Vašák told the Prague Morning. One of the birds, the 16-year-old father of eight, bled to death after suffering a broken leg bone and severed arteries. Another bird is recovering from serious but not life-threatening injuries, according to a zoo statement obtained by The Washington Post.

It was also lucky for the boys that they did not get into an animal enclosure which was not dangerous, else they would have been at the receiving end.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Weird news - Boy pulls out snake from car

Most people treat snakes with a lot of caution, given the fearful danger that poisonous snakes pose to the unsuspecting person who comes close to a snake and gets bitten. Even those snakes that are not poisonous can be dangerous in terms of causing a bite and being painful, and even the site of such snakes can scare people.
It is thus that makes people wonder at those people who can play around with snakes, such people can be very popular. It is even more incredible when somebody young is able to do this, such as in this case where a boy is shown pulling a snake out a vehicle before heading to school. The video of the Australian boy shows him under the car, pulling the snake out and was finally done (link to article):
Uploaded by Yogi McDougall from Queensland, Australia, the video shows the teen lying under a vehicle. You can clearly see him trying to pull the snake out from it. Another man can be seen holding the snake's tail. "I've got the head," he says as he tugs at the snake to get it out. He eventually succeeds at the job and puts the snake in a bag held up by an older man. The video makes for quite an interesting watch.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Weird news - Rent a house and pay to use the toilet

How interesting. You rent a house and move in, and get a great surprise. The bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in a house, a need that cannot be ignored especially when it is urgent. How big a shock can you get when discover that the toilet is a pay per flush operation, something installed by the landlord. How big a shock can this be ? Imagine what happened to the renter of this Melbourne house who discovered that the landlord had installed such an arrangement in the house. It would have been a big shock, something that the renter would be wondering whether it was legal or illegal, or whether the rental arrangement could be revoked (link to article):
Think you have it bad with a nosy landlord or one who doesn't provide enough services in your accommodation? Chances are your situation may not be as dire as this Melbourne resident whose landlord installed a coin-operated flush in his toilet. Can you imagine paying a dollar per flush? In a Reddit post, shared four days ago, the tenant shared his plight with netizens, asking if this arrangement was in fact legal. "Is it legal for my landlord to have installed a dollar coin operated flusher on my toilet?" he says on the social networking site. He further explains that the landlord's reason for this was 'a government incentive to save water'.

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