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Monday, October 12, 2015

Weird news - Man declared dead, gets up before post-mortem

It is hard to visualize this entire concept. If a person has been found dead, then the law mandates that a post-mortem be done to establish the reason of death, and a post-mortem is a pretty tough process where the body is cut open, the various internal organs taken out and sent for analysis, and so on. How do you visualize the concept where a man is declared dead and then wakes up before the post-mortem can be carried out, and the Doctor who declared this man dead tries to cover up the tracks by removing the documentation, supported by the other doctors.
This case has happened before, but it is still weird when it happens. Except for some extra-ordinary cases where a person has supposed to be declared dead and then wakes up later, it is normally pretty easy for a doctor to determine if a person is dead (pulse, heart, brain activity), and unless revival has happened, the person stays dead. Thus, it is weird if the person wakes up after being declared dead (link to article):
In what could have been a scene from a comedy, a patient at Sion Hospital woke up minutes before his post-mortem, after a doctor had mistakenly declared him dead. The reality is far from funny, however, as the incident points to shocking negligence at the civic hospital. What's worse, according to the police, the doctor at fault immediately destroyed all records of the incident in an effort to cover up his mistake. The body was taken to the mortuary on a stretcher, where it was kept near the lift in the lobby. From there, the body was to be taken to the first floor for the post-mortem. But just as morgue staffers Subhash and Surender were about to take the body upstairs, they received a shock: "The dead man was breathing. We saw his stomach moving up and down," said Subhash.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Weird news - Saudi woman divorced husband because he was too short

This one is a weird one, but maybe not so much. Divorce rates are increasing, and the reasons for the divorce may not seem logical for somebody seeing it from much further away, and may be entirely logical and reasonable for somebody who is involved in the whole matter. And divorce based on physical appearances is something very common, even though in many cases, some other reason may be given for the same.
What seems funny in this case is the public perception of Saudi Arabia as a place where women are oppressed, where they have no rights. This may be true to a large extent (for example, they are not allowed to drive), but this case where a wife filed a petition for divorce seems to suggest that there are many rights available to a women. In this case, the wife wanted a divorce since her husband was much shorter than her, and the public reaction to their height differences was enough that she wanted out of this marriage (link to article)
The woman, in her 20s, has reportedly told the endowment department in the country's eastern province that she wanted to separate from her husband because she is painfully uneasy with, and caused distress by, attitudes towards the union from strangers in public. The head of the endowment department in Al Qatif, Shaikh Mohammed Al Jirani, said the case was among the strangest it had dealt with. News of the woman's bold move has received a mixed response on social media, with some blaming her for accepting to marry him to begin with, while a few said she was right to be divorcing the man as his height was not an issue which could be overcome with mere patience.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Weird news - Lady had an explosive shell as her vase

And never knew that it was a live shell. One reads in the newspaper from time to time that during construction or some renovation, live, unexploded bombs and ordnance were found in various towns in Britain or in Germany, and in some of the other European countries (although the number of bombs dropped in countries other than Germany and Britain was far lower). The number of bombs used in both World Wars was incredibly high, and not all of them had exploded; the ones that remained in place, unexploded, have to be treated as lethal since they were unstable and an explosion would result in carnage for many meters all around the bomb site.
In this case, the lady apparently had a close call. She was using a bomb as her flower vase, a heavy metal cylindrical container with a screw on cap to replace the flowers. The bomb had explosive inside it, which made it very deadly; and her 'Oh shit' moment came when she saw a documentary and realized that there were explosives dropped nearby in the First World War and what she had could be one of those. It was when the explosives were removed that she would have had a sigh of relief (link to article):
“I have had the shell on the mantelpiece for three decades now and even took it to university. I used to stick plastic roses out of the top of it when I was dancing around to Madonna. Luckily my husband Chris just thought it was funny,” she was quoted as saying by The Mirror. Rawlins had called the police and experts were brought in to safely remove the explosive before the vase was handed back to her. “I used to unscrew it and put the flowers out of the top. It’s really heavy to hold and has some writing that looks like it could be German around the top. I took it into school to show the kids - they loved it,” Rawlins said.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Weird news - Imagine a cow landing on car bonnet

In odd stories, one has heard of storm systems picking up all sorts of living creatures over the water and then dumping them as part of rain over land. So, from time to time, people see a rain of fish, or even eels. It is surprising, but there has been a scientific explanation, and even though it can be shocking for fish or some other such creatures to land among you, it typically does not have the potential to hurt you (would be a different matter if a shark or a crocodile was picked up and then landed near you - but it is hard to pick up such heavy creatures and carry them for long distances).
But one thing somebody driving on the road would never have expected would be seeing a flying cow (or a cow falling from the skies) and landing on top of the bonnet. A cow is heavy enough that it would be fatal for the cow to land like this, but it also has the risk of causing grave injury or even death if such a cow was to land on somebody. In this case, it was not a flying cow or some storm, but a cow falling off a cliff-side but by coincidence, landing on the bonnet of a car passing by. The impact of the cow was such that it killed the cow, and caused damage to the car (but the people in the car escaped any injury) (link to article):
A man driving in France met with a bizarre accident in which a cow fell on his car’s bonnet. The incident happened when he was driving with his stepson through the Pyrenees mountains near Perthus on the border with Spain. While the father-son duo had a narrow escape after the 500 kg animal crash landed on the car, the cow did not survive the impact. The car which was badly damaged, was halted abruptly.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Weird news: Mother died in pothole, daughter charged with murder

This is a totally weird story. When an accident happens, it is normally treated as an accident, especially when the person driving is following traffic rules, not driving drunk or in similar situations. If the road was in a bad condition, or a large pothole was there which caused an accident, then it would follow logical reasoning that the road owning authorities should be held responsible, whether this be the contractor who built the road and it deteriorated within an expected period of time, or the authority engineers who were supposed to certify the road construction. But it is really weird that the police decided to take the side of these authorities and filed a case against the driver of the two-wheeler (the daughter of the lady who died in this accident) (link to article):
Losing her mother on 26 July was a huge shock for Priti Rathod. The 26-year-old was returning home with her mother when her scooter fell into a pothole in a town near Mumbai. Her mother was thrown off the scooter and died of head injuries. Priti, who works with a multinational company, has now been charged with causing her mother's death by rash driving. "I am too shocked to react. The cops have made me the accused in a case where my mother was killed," she told NDTV. When Priti went to the police to complain against the contractor involved in the construction of the road, they allegedly refused to register her complaint and recorded a case of "accidental death."

Friday, September 25, 2015

Weird news: Man rips lover when she screams her ex's name out during sex

During sexual intercourse, it is quite natural for people to become animated and passionate. The body is full of hormones during the act, and this also has a huge emotional impact on people. When the feeling of love or attraction to somebody can drive people into high degrees of passion, including negative ones, one can only consider the emotions during the sexual act. This one is a case of passion, where the post sexual experience and the sudden dissonance caused an extreme reaction from the man.
During the act of sexual intercourse, the lady uttered not her lover's name, but her ex-husband's name. This caused such an extreme fit of anger in the man that, being in a drunk position, he could not restrain his fury and decided to attack her. In this case, he actually killed her by attacking her with objects as well as with his own hands (link to article):
Lopez, however, changed his story later, revealing that he had killed Nemeth in a drunken rage after she cried out another man's name during sex. He admitted to having attacked Nemeth, inserting foreign objects inside her, mutilating her with "various objects", and then eviscerated her with his bare hands. Lopez, then, tried to revive her by splashing water on her face. But when that did not work, he called the police at around 3.30 in the morning and gave them the fabricated story. Nemeth, whose naked body was found lying in a pool of blood by the paramedics, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Weird news: Man reveals theft plans through 911 call

The 911 is an emergency service in the United States, allowing residents to call for help from state emergency officials (police, ambulance, paramedics, fire services, etc). These are pretty effective when people need their help, and are part of the overall infrastructure of the country (to the extent, that the phone networks and even new services have to include the 911 service as part of their services). From time to time, there are one-off cases where people misuse these services, and these make the headlines (did not like the pizza delivered, so call the 911 service, or many such similar misuses). These are penalized, but nobody would have expected this kind of 911 call.
The robber had by mistake dialed 911 and revealed the entire plans for the robbery while talking to an accomplice, discussing their plans of breaking into houses, and stealing the house of its contents. When the robbery happened, the police knew who was behind these robberies, and promptly arrested him (news to link)

US police have arrested a man after he mistakenly revealed his burglary plans by dialing emergency number 9-1-1. In what is colloquially known as a "butt-dial", 42-year-old Scott Robert Esser framed himself for his own crime by alerting authorities in New Jersey about his robbery plans. He was talking with a co-conspirator about his plans and has since been caught and indicted by the Somerset County Superior Court. Unbeknown to Esser, police were listening in as Esser and an alleged accomplice discussed their plans for breaking into homes, emptying drawers, stealing watches and smashing a back door, according to an affidavit filed by Branchburg detective Edward Edgar.

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