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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ready to pay off education loan of children by selling their body parts

Parents can do anything for their children, this is a known fact. In the past, parents have fought wild animals, fought with Government authorities, robbers, and numerous other such people trying to hurt their children. Part of the effort to give children a better future is through higher education, and this can be fairly expensive. In one case, the amount of expenses and debt incurred was so high that the parents are willing to sell their body for this purpose (link to article):

Parents offer body parts to pay off kids' education loanHOUSTON: A Boston couple have offered to sell their own body parts to pay off their children's $2,00,000 student loan.
"Use my body for anything legal, or medically experimental . Simply pay off all of my children's student loans and you can use me anyway you need," an advertisement said asking "Do you need a live 'cadaver?'" posted on Craigslist Boston in the "jobs wanted" section of the website.

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