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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weird news - Plane has to make an emergency landing after a man drinks poison

There are a lot of weird people, or people with tendencies that seem odd to others. However, as long as it does not affect us, we could not care less. We start getting involved when we see such problems starting to impact us. Consider the case of a plane journey where people are heading off for a 2-3 hour trip. People are normally in a hurry, and expect that they will reach their destination at the expected time, and a lot of schedules can get impacted if the plane travel does not happen on time (link to article):

A Delhi-bound SpiceJet flight made an emergency landing at Chaudhary Charan Singh airport in Lucknow on Thursday after a passenger allegedly consumed poison on board, police said.
Sumit Rajak, who consumed poison, was rushed to a private hospital after the Kolkata-Delhi SpiceJet flight made an emergency landing.
"After being alerted by the pilot about the medical emergency, arrangements were made for the emergency landing," airport director A.K. Dixit told reporters.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weird news - Man strips inside the plane, and causes trouble for others in the flight

Sometimes people behave so strangely that normal people cannot believe as to why something happens. However, when it troubles other people, then it gets beyond weird and becomes something that needs to be avoided, and also prosecuted if the annoyance becomes intense.
In this case, what do you do when you see behavior where a man comes on a plane, and then takes off all his clothes ? In today's security conscious environment, in such cases, safety is the higher criteria, and pilots are no longer willing to take risks if something weird or out of the ordinary happens (link to article):

Spanish airline Iberia says a man stripped naked on a flight bound for Germany carrying 110 passengers, causing the pilot to turn back to Madrid airport minutes after take-off.
"The flight took off around 7:45 p.m. Thursday and not long after a man took all his clothes off, became disruptive and then locked himself in a toilet," Iberia spokesman Santiago de Juan said Saturday.
He declined to give the passenger's nationality but said the incident caused considerable inconvenience to a "nearly full flight of passengers who reached their destination of Frankfurt late, after police had to come aboard to take the man off."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weird news - Girl falls from Ferris wheel, dies after the fall

Ferris wheels are some of the most popular attractions at amusement parks with even small time carnivals carrying out Ferris wheels. Millions of people enjoy rides on Ferris wheels on a regular basis and they have been around for more than a century. You would expect that they would be completely safe, since they can be used only when people are sure that they are safe. So, it gets shocking when an accident happens on such a measure of enjoyment, and in recent times, there has been a quest for amusement parks to gain an image of being the best, having the most exciting rides, and so on.
In this case, a girl died when she fell from the ride and hit the ground (link to article):

An 11-year-old girl died Friday after falling from a Ferris wheel while on a class trip to an amusement park in New Jersey, police said.
Abiah Jones fell at Morey Piers Mariner's Landing Pier about 12:30 p.m., according to the Wildwood Police Department.
First responders gave her first aid and took her to Cape Regional Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead about 1:15 p.m., according to police.
The girl was riding one of the park's main attractions, "The Great Wheel." At 156 feet, it's one of the tallest wheels on the East Coast, according to Morey Piers spokeswoman Lindsey Young.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weird news - Woman cuts off the penis of attacker, takes it to the police

Attacks against women are one of the most problematic areas of law and order, especially in poorer countries. Most attacks that take place on a large scale also involve sexual attacks on the women (especially in situations where a community or members of one community attack one another). However, even otherwise, in poorer countries or poorer regions, the cause of law and order is never as serious as it would be in the more well off regions.
There are a much larger number of people in the same area, complaints made by women are not investigated with the same intensity and all this encourages such attacks. It is rare that women are able to get an upper hand; this incident shows a specific case where a lady managed to get the upper hand on the person who attacked her, and left him with a grievous wound. One does not encourage breaking of the law, but actions taken in self-defense are normally fine (link to article):

A 40-year-old Bangladeshi woman cut off a man's penis during an alleged attempted rape and took it to a police station as evidence, police in a remote part of Bangladesh said on Monday. The woman, a married mother of three, was attacked while she was sleeping in her shanty in Jhalakathi district, some 200 kilometres (120 miles) south of Dhaka, on Saturday night, officers said.
"As he tried to rape her, the lady cut his penis off with a knife. She then wrapped up the penis in a piece of polythene and brought it to the Jhalakathi police station as evidence of the crime," police chief Abul Khaer said.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Weird news - Chinese boy unable to afford iPad, sells his kidney

One does not know whether this is weird news or stupid news. In our current modern generation, there is a craze to have the most modern gadgets, and there is a lot of peer pressure dealing with the same issue. So, for example, if somebody got a new phone, there will be a lot of comparison with other people, and you would find that some of the peer group will find themselves under pressure to also get a new phone.
However, this can take a strange and tragic turn when the peer pressure gets to so much that people lose their sense of reasoning, and want to do anything to get hold of such gadgets. For buying a new desired gadget, you can consider pooling up your savings, or even trading in some of the items you already own, but to do something as dangerous and life-threatening as selling one of your kidneys is unheard of, but this boy in China did this, and now his family is desperate to get him some help (link to article):

Zheng found an agent ready to buy his kidney and travelled to Hunan province in central China to undergo surgery in a local hospital. With the 22,000 yuan ($3,900) he was paid, Zheng bought a new iPad 2 and iPhone and then returned home, according to a report on the Dongfang TV channel Thursday.
"Xiao Zheng returned home with a computer and a new Apple phone. We do not have the money for such expensive gadgets. At first, he did not want to tell me where he got that much money from. Later he confessed he had sold his right kidney to buy these things," his mother told the channel.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weird news - Mom sentenced to jail, killed baby by putting her in a microwave

One wonders about parents such as this one. One normally expects parents to protect their children, especially when their children are not in a condition to take care of themselves (in fact, in nature, the deadliest wild animals are those mothers who are protecting their children; after all, they say that you should never be in the way of a wild animal and her children, since this is the easiest way of getting killed).
So what do you say to a mother who, when arguing with her boyfriend, gets so angry that she takes her poor defenceless baby girl, puts her in a microwave for 2 minutes, until the girl is dead ? The girl is only a month old, an age when the girl could not take care of herself for even a brief minute ? The only thing society can do is to take the mother, try her for the crime she did, and sentence her. But the tragedy of the event remains (link to article):

After deliberating for six hours over the course of two days, an Ohio jury recommended life in prison without parole Friday for a mother convicted of killing her month-old baby in a microwave. The jury, which had found her guilty of aggravated murder a week earlier, spared 31-year-old China Arnold from the death penalty in her third trial for daughter Paris Talley’s 2005 death.
The sentencing phase of Arnold’s trial had been delayed for a few days earlier in the week so she could undergo a mental exam, but two psychologists testified Thursday that she showed no signs of mental illness. In an effort to avoid a death sentence, the defense told the jury that Arnold was very drunk at the time of the killing and that she had no prior criminal history. Prosecutors argued that there were no mitigating factors that outweighed her crime.

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