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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weird news - Man strips inside the plane, and causes trouble for others in the flight

Sometimes people behave so strangely that normal people cannot believe as to why something happens. However, when it troubles other people, then it gets beyond weird and becomes something that needs to be avoided, and also prosecuted if the annoyance becomes intense.
In this case, what do you do when you see behavior where a man comes on a plane, and then takes off all his clothes ? In today's security conscious environment, in such cases, safety is the higher criteria, and pilots are no longer willing to take risks if something weird or out of the ordinary happens (link to article):

Spanish airline Iberia says a man stripped naked on a flight bound for Germany carrying 110 passengers, causing the pilot to turn back to Madrid airport minutes after take-off.
"The flight took off around 7:45 p.m. Thursday and not long after a man took all his clothes off, became disruptive and then locked himself in a toilet," Iberia spokesman Santiago de Juan said Saturday.
He declined to give the passenger's nationality but said the incident caused considerable inconvenience to a "nearly full flight of passengers who reached their destination of Frankfurt late, after police had to come aboard to take the man off."

1 comment:

Timmy said...

Even from the tittle it made me laugh, really weird news.

man and van London

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