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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weird news - Mom sentenced to jail, killed baby by putting her in a microwave

One wonders about parents such as this one. One normally expects parents to protect their children, especially when their children are not in a condition to take care of themselves (in fact, in nature, the deadliest wild animals are those mothers who are protecting their children; after all, they say that you should never be in the way of a wild animal and her children, since this is the easiest way of getting killed).
So what do you say to a mother who, when arguing with her boyfriend, gets so angry that she takes her poor defenceless baby girl, puts her in a microwave for 2 minutes, until the girl is dead ? The girl is only a month old, an age when the girl could not take care of herself for even a brief minute ? The only thing society can do is to take the mother, try her for the crime she did, and sentence her. But the tragedy of the event remains (link to article):

After deliberating for six hours over the course of two days, an Ohio jury recommended life in prison without parole Friday for a mother convicted of killing her month-old baby in a microwave. The jury, which had found her guilty of aggravated murder a week earlier, spared 31-year-old China Arnold from the death penalty in her third trial for daughter Paris Talley’s 2005 death.
The sentencing phase of Arnold’s trial had been delayed for a few days earlier in the week so she could undergo a mental exam, but two psychologists testified Thursday that she showed no signs of mental illness. In an effort to avoid a death sentence, the defense told the jury that Arnold was very drunk at the time of the killing and that she had no prior criminal history. Prosecutors argued that there were no mitigating factors that outweighed her crime.

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