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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Weird news - Not knowing that you are pregnant and ready to deliver

It is always so weird when you read the news that somebody gave birth but did not really know that they were pregnant. Obviously, the basic criteria is that the person involved either does know what a pregnancy involves, or they believe that they are beyond being pregnant. In this case, the lady did not believe that she could be pregnant, even though she was having regular intercourse with her boyfriend, believing that she would be a parent some time in the future.
So, for many months in the interim, she had no idea that she was carrying a baby inside her, but was having some stomach pains, and decided to get it checked out. What a shock it must have been, when she was informed that the stomach pains was actually a baby getting ready to come out in the world, and within an hour of this information being given to her, she actually gave birth to a healthy baby. Instead of coming back from the hospital with some pills for her stomach pain, she came back with a small baby daughter, an incredible surprise (link to article):
A Massachusetts woman found out the pains in her stomach Tuesday morning were actually a baby who was ready to be delivered.Katherine (Katie) Kropas gave birth to her daughter an hour after being told she was pregnant at the South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth. “It’s just been a rollercoaster,” her mother Karen told the Daily News. “But the mother and daughter and doing great.” Katie told The News she had no idea she was pregnant and had none of the usual symptoms like morning sickness. But when she had stomach pains she checked herself into the hospital Tuesday and awaited the test results.

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