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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Weird news - Poo bomb from plane crashes into house

Planes fly at very high altitudes, and as a result, if something falls from a plane, it can reach a high speed when falling down and hence can be very dangerous if somebody is below the falling object. At the same time, planes are closed objects, with the chance of something falling from planes being rare. However, once in a while, incidents are reported, such as this case (if it is true). A couple in their house hear a loud noise, and think it is some incident (car accident) outside. However, they don't see anything outside and instead find a hole in their roof, and a seven inch chunk of ice on their lawn.
The lump of frozen urine and faeces is the component of this ice, and this sounds so icky, that a collection of wastes from people in a flight overhead made its way down to their house and caused them damage. The chance of something happening like this is very rare, and it is tricky for them to convince the insurance company that this damage to their house is because of this reason (link to article):
Keith Mead, 70, and his wife Ruth, 67, heard a loud bang and rushed outside thinking there had been a car accident. But they were surprised when they saw a hole in their roof and found the seven-inch long chunk of ice on the lawn. The lump of frozen urine and faeces, which was seven inches long and weight more than a pound, had fallen from a jet about 30,000 feet overhead after being flushed from a toilet on the plane, they claim. Mead bagged up the ice ball and put it in his freezer to show insurance assessors who visited that day. "It was just as if someone had crashed into our house. I looked up and there was a gaping hole where a large lump of ice had impacted the roof," he said.

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