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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Weird news - Lady had an explosive shell as her vase

And never knew that it was a live shell. One reads in the newspaper from time to time that during construction or some renovation, live, unexploded bombs and ordnance were found in various towns in Britain or in Germany, and in some of the other European countries (although the number of bombs dropped in countries other than Germany and Britain was far lower). The number of bombs used in both World Wars was incredibly high, and not all of them had exploded; the ones that remained in place, unexploded, have to be treated as lethal since they were unstable and an explosion would result in carnage for many meters all around the bomb site.
In this case, the lady apparently had a close call. She was using a bomb as her flower vase, a heavy metal cylindrical container with a screw on cap to replace the flowers. The bomb had explosive inside it, which made it very deadly; and her 'Oh shit' moment came when she saw a documentary and realized that there were explosives dropped nearby in the First World War and what she had could be one of those. It was when the explosives were removed that she would have had a sigh of relief (link to article):
“I have had the shell on the mantelpiece for three decades now and even took it to university. I used to stick plastic roses out of the top of it when I was dancing around to Madonna. Luckily my husband Chris just thought it was funny,” she was quoted as saying by The Mirror. Rawlins had called the police and experts were brought in to safely remove the explosive before the vase was handed back to her. “I used to unscrew it and put the flowers out of the top. It’s really heavy to hold and has some writing that looks like it could be German around the top. I took it into school to show the kids - they loved it,” Rawlins said.

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