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Monday, October 26, 2015

Weird news - Toddler takes wheel after mom falls out of car

It sounds so weird, when you see news like that. Driving when under the influence of alcohol is very dangerous, and is strictly punished if somebody is caught when driving drunk. This has increased in the recent years, with a night in the lockup almost guaranteed if something is caught driving drunk. However, people do continue to drive drunk, even though they know the consequences. A person driving drunk is a menace to himself/herself, and to others in the area.
This however is even more problematic when there are children in the vehicle, which is being driven by somebody who is drunk. A mother with children in the car, who are not able to take care of themselves, is so tragic when the mother is drunk, since the consequences of any accident to these children is grave. In this particular case, the mother fell out of the vehicle and it was one of the toddles who managed to take the wheel to some extent and take the vehicle to the side and stop by hitting an embankment (link to article):
Taloa Foster, 33, was charged with child endangerment after being suspected of drunken driving, the Pontotoc County District Attorney's office said. Witnesses said the child grabbed the wheel and steered the truck across lanes of traffic after his mother fell off the vehicle on Wednesday. The boy's twin brother was also in the truck at the time, US media reports said. The vehicle eventually crashed into an embankment along the road near Ada, about 130 km southeast of Oklahoma City.

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