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Monday, October 5, 2015

Weird news - Imagine a cow landing on car bonnet

In odd stories, one has heard of storm systems picking up all sorts of living creatures over the water and then dumping them as part of rain over land. So, from time to time, people see a rain of fish, or even eels. It is surprising, but there has been a scientific explanation, and even though it can be shocking for fish or some other such creatures to land among you, it typically does not have the potential to hurt you (would be a different matter if a shark or a crocodile was picked up and then landed near you - but it is hard to pick up such heavy creatures and carry them for long distances).
But one thing somebody driving on the road would never have expected would be seeing a flying cow (or a cow falling from the skies) and landing on top of the bonnet. A cow is heavy enough that it would be fatal for the cow to land like this, but it also has the risk of causing grave injury or even death if such a cow was to land on somebody. In this case, it was not a flying cow or some storm, but a cow falling off a cliff-side but by coincidence, landing on the bonnet of a car passing by. The impact of the cow was such that it killed the cow, and caused damage to the car (but the people in the car escaped any injury) (link to article):
A man driving in France met with a bizarre accident in which a cow fell on his car’s bonnet. The incident happened when he was driving with his stepson through the Pyrenees mountains near Perthus on the border with Spain. While the father-son duo had a narrow escape after the 500 kg animal crash landed on the car, the cow did not survive the impact. The car which was badly damaged, was halted abruptly.

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