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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Couple puts 7 day old baby girl for sale on the internet

This is the second time this year that such a thing has been reported. The internet, especially classified sales lists such as Craiglist have been used by people to sell all sorts of things, essentially as a online flea market. But no one can expect such lists to be used to sell human babies; in this case, a couple battling drug problems put in a young baby girl for sale on the internet. They were only caught when another woman saw the listing and reported it to authorities:

A couple put their seven-day-old baby girl up for sale for USD 10,000 over the Internet, Canadian police has said. The baby was seized by social workers in an apartment in this Pacific coast city while the parents, who have a history of drug problems, are under investigation for human trafficking, said police Constable Tim Fanning, just days after a similar incident in Germany.
The ad read "Must have!!!!!!" and offered a baby girl for 10,000 dollars. It described the child as seven days old, "very healthy and very cute. Can't afford and unexpected, looking for a good home, please call ASAP."

For no fault of hers, this baby has parents who are looking to sell their baby. Even considering that this is a hoax and a prank, it is very difficult to convince people that parents of a 7 day old baby could go so far as to think about putting their baby for sale on the internet (this is certainly not humour).

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