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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Man using camera for obscene work arrested in Rome

One of the problems with modern technology is that it can increasingly be used for wrong work; the problems of hidden cameras, miniature cameras, etc can be a serious one. There are actually sites dedicated to displaying upskirt photos where people post their photos related to taking photos under the skirts of women (although people caught taking such photos are prosecuted, the genre seems to be proliferating because it appeals to the baser instincts). Here is the case of one such person caught doing the same in Rome:

Italian police have arrested a man in Venice who was allegedly wandering around St Mark's Square and other city landmarks while secretly filming thousands of women's bottoms, officials said on Tuesday.
"He was very well dressed," paramilitary police Capt Mario Marino said. "He followed her and when she bent over to pick up something he tried to place the tip of the bag under her skirt." Upon inspection, the bag revealed a sophisticated camera which the man had used to film some 3,000 women in the area over more than three years, Marino said. The bag also contained DVDs with the material filmed by the man, he said.

This is a practice that needs to severely discouraged, through strict prosecution if necessary. Women should not worry about having such secretly taken photographs being taken or displayed (especially since this seems to be a pervert).

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