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Friday, May 2, 2008

Killing dog by putting in washing machine

Imagine being so drunk that you know not what you are doing, and being so drunk that you lose your basic humanity, the concept of right and wrong. A pet is a good friend, especially dogs, who tend to be very faithful; after all, there are many cases of pets having saved the lives of their owners. You can see this happening regularly, when you can see guide dogs leading blind or visually challenged people to safety. So, what do you say to a person who put their pet dog into a washing machine, and then made sure that the dog died inside the washing machine:

Drunken dog owner Andrew Glazzard killed his pet by putting it into a washing machine “to teach it a lesson” after it made a mess, a court heard. The dog Maisie had survived an earlier ordeal in the machine but Glazzard put her back in when he noticed her tail was still wagging. The dog died when Glazzard fell asleep before switching off the machine. He then put the animal’s body in a bag and threw it into the River Stour, the court heard.

There are many laws that apply to people behaving in such a way; and even if we treat pets at not the same level as humans, such behavior is unacceptable.

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