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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Weird news - ISIS militant kills own mother

This is more of horrific news rather than weird news, but anything related to the terrorist Islamic group, ISIS has the possibility of being horrific and likely to cause a huge amount of horror in the minds of those who get information about any activity of the ISIS. Their past activities with regard to execution of anyone who does not support them, of beheading people, and so on, are scary.
But there are single activities that seem extremely strange, where you have people doing stuff that shows how badly they have been indoctrinated and how they are immune to logic. There are incidents in the world where people have been known to kill a parent / kill their parents, but it is something that is rare and always seem weird when it happens. However, to report your own mother to the headquarters of the terrorist organization, and then to follow orders by killing your own mother by shooting her shows the extent to which humanity has gone from followers of ISIS (link to article):
An Islamic State militant carried out a public "execution" of his mother because she asked him to leave the group, activists say. Ali Saqr, 21, killed his mother, Lena al-Qasem, 45, outside the post office in Raqqa, Syria, eyewitnesses said. Raqqa has served as IS' de facto capital since the group captured the city in August 2013. IS does not tolerate any dissent and imposes brutal punishments, often carried out in public.

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