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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Weird news - Feeding a thief to extract gold

People smuggling items across airports and borders is one of the biggest problems that police and security agencies have to deal with. Smuggling routes and carriers can be quite sophisticated, and sometimes these routes are something new that agencies don't know about and it takes some time for that route to be intercepted and blocked, and the carriers captured. One of the ways that is common now, used especially for drugs and sometimes for other items, is for the carrier to ingest the item so that it is not obvious that they are carrying such items. Once in a while, these drug packets can burst, which can cause the death of the carrier.
The problem when somebody ingested such items is about getting it outside. So, if a person has ingested gold, it can be detected through x-ray and other devices; but how to get it out. Other than cutting up the person, the only way is for the person to excrete the items through the normal way that they get rid of body waste, through their potty. How to ensure this happens quickly, feed them items that cause them to quickly want to poop, The same happens when a thief runs off with gold, but is then caught and wants to get rid of the evidence (link to article):
The Mumbai police force-fed four dozen bananas to a chain-snatcher to recover a stolen gold chain which he had swallowed in an attempt to not get caught, an officer said on Saturday. The incident occurred in the Ghatkopar east fish market in the eastern suburbs late Wednesday night when the accused, Gopi R Ghaware snatched and ran off with a woman’s 25 gms gold chain. As the woman screamed, some residents gave chase, pinned him down and hammered him, according to investigating officer Kailash Tirmare of Pant Nagar Police Station.

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