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Friday, January 8, 2016

Weird news - Poo falls from the sky on Indian

Imagine are you outside, and suddenly a chunk of ice falls on you. Hailstones from a height of several kilometers can fall with a pretty high speed, and in severe hailstones, these can actually cause damage to vehicles and break windowshields. So image such a chunk of hailstone hitting you, and causing enough damage to your body because of that. Now, this can happen once in a while, but what happens when you see that the chunk of ice that hits you is actually bluish colored, and once it thaws a bit, it starts smelling a bit. And then the realization that you have been hit by a chunk of solid excreta and urine from an airplane flying overhead.
This is not supposed to happen, and is rare compared to the number of flights that happen, but it has been found to happen enough times that a name has been given for this chunk - it is called 'Blue Ice'. This because the flushing systems of an airplane adds blue liquid to excreta and once in a while, a chunk can get free from the plane and fall below (link to article):
Her injuries could have been much worse, according to eyewitnesses. They say she only avoided being killed because the icy ball crashed into the roof of a house before hitting her. And the strong suspicion now is that this chilly projectile was composed of more than just frozen water. The newspaper claims that aviation scientists believe she may well have had the misfortune to become one of an incredibly rare group: people who have been hit by what the airline industry coyly calls "blue ice". That's its euphemism for the frozen human waste that very occasionally forms around the overflow outlets for aeroplane toilets, and then falls to earth. "Blue" because of the chemicals added to the toilets in planes to reduce odour and break down the waste.

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