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Monday, January 25, 2016

Weird news - Ants inside a girl's ears

There are all sorts of horror movies about insects or creatures that make their living space inside a person; or take over the body and start using the body for controlling it and mass-reproducing. Remember Alien, where the alien does all sort of things. There are numerous other bad movies that are on the same subject.
However, once in a while we come across a weird case where some kind of animal infestation manifests itself in a human body; sometimes it does not even appear real - but then, one has to believe others who has seen this to happen. For example, consider this case where this girl detects some pain in her ear and then it seems like ants start to come out from ear, and this is something that doctors have seen but don't have an answer for why this has happened (link to article):
elieve it or not, big ants seem to have made a 12-year-old girl's ear their home. At least 10 to 15 of them are emerging from her ear every day . Even doctors, who treated the girl, are shocked to see such a case, for which they have not found any precedent in medical history . However, she does not feel any pain despite the presence of the ants. The doctors, who checked her ear through laparoscopic camera, could not find any 'queen ant' inside the ear who might have laid eggs.

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