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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Weird news - Bear breaks into a house when owners are away

There are numerous incidents where bears and other animals are learning from human proximity. Many locations in natural parks are places where bears have learned that proximity to humans means food and other comforts and since bears learn fast, there are frequent encounters with bears at camp sites. And bears tend to be large and fierce, so these encounters can be dangerous. Bears are also inquisitive animals, such as the below article makes clear.
A family came home and find their house in a state of disorder, something that they suspected was because of a burglar. But they had a camera installed, and checking the camera feed would have given them a big shock. They found a big bear roaming around the house, wandering through the kitchen and even striking a few chords on the piano. It must have been shocking, since it meant that a bear could enter their house easily, and this entry could have been also because the bear could have entered the house when they were in the house (link to article):
A family in US state Colorado came home to find a trashed kitchen. They thought it was a burglar who had entered their house, so they called the police. But when the security cameras installed in the house were checked, they saw a black bear roaming around the living room. In a straight-out-of-a-Disney movie scene, the bear was seen roaming around the house as if it was the animal's territory. The bear even got up on its hind legs to reach up to the piano to play a few notes and then went to discover the rest of the rooms.

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