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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Weird news - Man dangles baby from window for Facebook likes

Fun and games for somebody can seem like endangering the life of somebody else. Especially when a baby is involved. It may seem like a prank, but can lead to massive outrage by others when they see somebody apparently being uncaring for the life of a baby (who after all, is incapable of taking care of itself and only survives due to the care of others around it, mostly parents). And when it seems that such a prank is being done to become popular or 'viral' on social media, it can become even more problematic and lead to more outrage.
In this case, a photo showing a man holding a toddler by the T-shirt and dangling the baby out of the window, apparently demanding 1000 Facebook likes to let the baby back into safety cost the man dearly. It may have been a prank, it may have been a Photoshopped image, but the image cost the man dearly. He was sentenced to 2 years in jail for endangering a child (link to article):
An Algerian man has been sent to prison for two years for dangling a toddler out of a window of a high-rise building in the capital Algiers while asking for 1000 Facebook likes. The unnamed man shared a picture of himself holding the baby by his t-shirt with a caption ‘1000 Fb likes or I will drop him’, according to news site Al Arabiya. Social media erupted with anger and shock after the post went viral, leading to his arrest on Sunday. He has, however, defended himself, saying the image was photoshopped by Facebook users, reports said.

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