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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Weird news - Sea Lion pulls girl into the water in Canada

No matter how cute some animals look, they are still wild animals, and unpredictable in terms of their actions, different from how humans tend to think of in terms of predictable actions. Sometimes the antics of wild animals seem very cute, but one has to remember that they are in fact wild animals and one has to be careful. Consider the following case where people flocked to see a sea lion which was very close to land. Children are even more attracted to them, having seen them in cute videos and performances where their performances are scripted and the audience is far away. However, in this case, the sea lion actually grabbed the girl and pulled her into the water and it was quick action which got her back to the land with some bite marks but otherwise safe (link to article):
At one point, the sea lion lunges within inches of the little girl's face. It seems like a friendly move, and the girl cackles with delight. That glee turns to terror a few seconds later, when the seal lunges again -- grabbing the girl and yanking her backwards into the water. A man, who Fujiwara thinks was a relative, jumps in after her and bystanders pull them to safety. "After being pulled back onto the dock, the family quickly walked away from the area without saying much," Fujiwara said. "They were probably very shaken up and just wanted to get away from the sea lion as fast as possible."

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