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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Weird news - Teen wakes up on the way to his funeral

One reads of stories like this from time to time, but the emotional impact of such a story is incredible on the person involved and the family members. Imagine if this recovery had happened just a few hours later, when it would have been too late and the person would have had a cremation.
The youth had been bitten by a stray dog and because of the high fever and complications that followed, he was hospitalized with a severe problem and at the end, the doctors said that they were unable to provide any further help and that he was beyond help. So the family decided to take him away When they felt no movement or other signs of life, they took him to be dead and decided to take him to the funeral.
However, he got up on the way to the funeral, which would be a shock to his family, but also a big relief (link to article):
A 17-year-old boy woke up on the way to his funeral in Dharwad's Managundi village, surprising his relatives and villagers who had presumed him dead. He was rushed to a private hospital where his condition is critical. Bitten by a stray dog one month ago, Kumar Marewad, 17, had high fever last week following which he was admitted to a Dharwad hospital. As his condition deteriorated, the teenager was put on ventilator. The doctors told Kumar's relatives that he was critical and that he would not survive if life support was removed. Informing them that infection had spread in Kumar's body, the doctors left the family to decide if they wanted to continue treatment. Later, the family decided to shift him home.

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