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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Weird news - Kid driving a car in New Zealand, training !

The age of driving varies in different geographies and countries, with it being 16 in some places and 18 in some places. The idea is that driving means you are risking both yours and other people's lives, and hence some amount of maturity is required. This rule can be implemented quite strictly with strict fines in the more developed countries, while less developed countries struggle to check this problem and enforce the necessary penalties. But in a country such as New Zealand, one would expect that this is a very strict rule and there would be few people willing to experiment with breaking this rule.
So consider the surprise of this driver when he saw that the car ahead of him was being driven by what seemed like a 8 year old, and with a goat in the car. And it was not just some kid who had stolen the keys for a joy-ride, in fact, there was an adult in the backseat who was fine with the kid driving (link to article):
Video has emerged of a child driving a car packed with other children - and a goat. The footage, filmed in Whitianga by Auckland's Gaz Walden, shows several children in a red Ford Falcon with a boy, about 8 years old, at the wheel. Walden then realises there is a goat in the back seat. "You're f***ing kidding me. What the f*** is going on. This is insane. Look at him, he can only just see over the steering wheel," he says. He pulls up next to the car and tells the boy he shouldn't be driving - but then a middle-aged man climbs out of the back seat to reassure him, saying the boy is "actually training". "I don't care mate - that is ridiculous," Walden tells him.

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