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Monday, May 1, 2017

Weird news - Snake falls through ceiling and remains unseen for a couple of days

Seems a bit weird, that a large hole is there in the ceiling, which means some animal or something must have dropped through; and yet nobody detected a snake there for a few days. The hole had been detected, but it was assumed that this was because a possum had fallen through (and they have had possum problems before). It was only after the cleaner saw this large snake (and if you see the image, it is a pretty large snake); of course, the snake had eaten a large animal and hence was not likely to move much (snakes tend to become slower after they have eaten, they are slowly digesting what they have eaten). Hence, it became easy for them to evict the snake from its resting place (link to article):
On Tuesday, Chantal Vaughan walked into her gym and discovered a hole in the ceiling. The owner of Bokwa CQ gym in Rockhampton, Australia, she initially thought that a possum had probably fallen through the ceiling and didn't think much of it - the gym has a possum problem. Two days later, however, she received a terrifying text from her cleaner, informing her that a massive snake had been found inside the gym. The hole in the ceiling, it turns out, was made by a huge snake falling through it.

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