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Friday, February 24, 2017

Weird news - Rent a house and pay to use the toilet

How interesting. You rent a house and move in, and get a great surprise. The bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in a house, a need that cannot be ignored especially when it is urgent. How big a shock can you get when discover that the toilet is a pay per flush operation, something installed by the landlord. How big a shock can this be ? Imagine what happened to the renter of this Melbourne house who discovered that the landlord had installed such an arrangement in the house. It would have been a big shock, something that the renter would be wondering whether it was legal or illegal, or whether the rental arrangement could be revoked (link to article):
Think you have it bad with a nosy landlord or one who doesn't provide enough services in your accommodation? Chances are your situation may not be as dire as this Melbourne resident whose landlord installed a coin-operated flush in his toilet. Can you imagine paying a dollar per flush? In a Reddit post, shared four days ago, the tenant shared his plight with netizens, asking if this arrangement was in fact legal. "Is it legal for my landlord to have installed a dollar coin operated flusher on my toilet?" he says on the social networking site. He further explains that the landlord's reason for this was 'a government incentive to save water'.

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