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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Weird news - Breaking the car window to rescue a mannequin

Sometimes things appear funny in retrospect. After all, if you consider the current case, where the police got a report about a woman frozen inside a car, the natural move would be to get her out of the car and then get the proper medical aid. There is very little to fault the actions of the police in this regard. In normal times, it might be easy for a skilled police personnel to be able to distinguish between a crude mannequin and a person, but when you take into account an emergency situation, a life like mannequin wearing an oxygen mask, it would have been difficult to do so. And so it happened in this case where the car was broken into, and then to everyone's surprise, the mannequin was detected rather than a person who needed emergency medical care (link to article):
The Times Union of Albany reports that a caller told police there was an elderly woman "frozen to death" in a parked car. Officers rushed to the scene and found what appeared to be a woman sitting in a car's front passenger seat wearing an oxygen mask. A sergeant busted a rear window, opened the door and discovered that the woman was a realistic mannequin. The car owner arrived and said he uses the dummy for his job selling medical training aids.

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