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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Weird news - Boy pulls out snake from car

Most people treat snakes with a lot of caution, given the fearful danger that poisonous snakes pose to the unsuspecting person who comes close to a snake and gets bitten. Even those snakes that are not poisonous can be dangerous in terms of causing a bite and being painful, and even the site of such snakes can scare people.
It is thus that makes people wonder at those people who can play around with snakes, such people can be very popular. It is even more incredible when somebody young is able to do this, such as in this case where a boy is shown pulling a snake out a vehicle before heading to school. The video of the Australian boy shows him under the car, pulling the snake out and was finally done (link to article):
Uploaded by Yogi McDougall from Queensland, Australia, the video shows the teen lying under a vehicle. You can clearly see him trying to pull the snake out from it. Another man can be seen holding the snake's tail. "I've got the head," he says as he tugs at the snake to get it out. He eventually succeeds at the job and puts the snake in a bag held up by an older man. The video makes for quite an interesting watch.

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