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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Weird news - 31 February as per the Government

Sometimes a Government or an official may act in such a way that it all seems funny. Especially when it comes to regular action by a Government where it can seem that the Governments are bloated messes, just sucking in the money of regular tax payers and not providing the required quality of services in turn. Consider the following case, which was a regular government action of extending a passport, which botched it up. This was the Pakistani Government consulate in Dubai, which broke the calendar and extended the passport to Feb 31, a date which can never exist (link to article):
An official at the Pakistani consulate in Dubai extended the date of a passport till February 31 without realising that the second month of the year has 28 days (February 29 is leap day). And the Internet just can't get over it. The photo shows that the passport was granted an extension on January 31.

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