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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Weird news - Finding a 16 feet python in the house

Ohmigod. That would be the reaction of people if they see a large snake, even on the path. There is a major fear of snakes that people have, even if the snake might be as afraid of them as they are of the snake. From ages ago, there is a fear of a snake suddenly appearing and biting and killing a person, this fear even being captured in the Garden of Eden in the Bible. So, imagine the reaction when you see a large python inside your house. I have handled a 10 feet python and know the strength (it was a baby), so the power of a 16 feet python must be incredible.
A python kills by squeezing its prey within the coils and exerting an incredible pressure till the prey gets suffocated and dies. A 16 feet python could do that to a human as well, so even though the python is not poisonous, it is deadly no less. This Australian lady who saw the python in her house did not do anything stupid, she took photos and video and called the correct authorities to handle it (link to article):
An Australian woman had an uncomfortably close encounter with a 16-feet python that she found stretched out from her living room to her guest bedroom - it looks as frightening as it sounds. Tina Hibberd from Queensland, which is partly covered in rainforest, found that the massive reptile had slithered in uninvited on June 19 at 4.30 am. She called the snake removal services for help and then took a picture of the 30 kg python that had made itself at home.

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