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Monday, November 7, 2016

Weird news: Killing wife and cutting into parts

Imagine the horror that some bystander feels when they see a plastic bag, maybe oozing a bit of blood, or covered with red color that looks suspiciously like blood; then the curiosity takes over and you open the plastic bag and see a body part - it could be a head or a leg or hand. The sheer horror would cause you nightmares, and you wonder how somebody could be so depraved to do something like this.
One hears of this being done by crazed multiple murderers or in the movies, or even done as part of some mob action; but that this was done by a husband who killed his wife and then cut her into multiple parts, which in turn were put into plastic bags and placed around the area for unsuspecting people to find these parts and witness horror that might give them nightmares. It also makes problems for the police staff, since they have first to identify the person who has been killed and disposed off, and then try to identify the killer. However, since in a major part of cases, it is the spouse or family member who is responsible, they found the killer as well after the conclusion of the investigation (link to article):
A murder most macabre that had terrified the residents of Rajasthan's Alwar all of last week, has finally been solved. Since Diwali last week, dismembered parts of a woman's body - burnt and put into plastic bags - were being found in different residential colonies in the city. Over four days, the police came across seven such body parts, they all had one thing in common - they had been dismembered, burnt and stuffed into bags. It all began on October 30, when in Alwar's Arya Nagar - an upper middle class neighbourhood - a bag was discovered with a woman's right foot in it. The next day, two hands in two different bags were discovered. In the seventh and the last bag, found on Wednesday, was the woman's head.

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