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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Weird news - Imagine, huge lizard tries to enter a house

A number of people are scared of lizards. If there is a lizard close by, or even if they are just old by somebody that there is a lizard, they get scared and can even jump in fright. And that seems perfectly natural, since people have from their childhood learned that there is something scary and icky about lizards. People call pest control experts to ensure that their houses are lizard free, look for many different natural solutions to prevent lizards from getting into their houses, and so on. Consider what is happening in this below case.
Almost like a scene from a horror movie, the images and photo show a giant lizard (and when we say giant, we literally mean giant - it would be longer than a man is tall with a large tail). The movie Godzilla comes to mind, although the lizard in the movie was much, much larger. But it would be an interesting experience for the people in the house, when they see this giant lizard on the door, wanting to get inside the house. And then there are people who are brave enough to want to lasso the lizard to capture it, during which the lizard could be seen swishing its giant tail (link to article):
If you don't do well with pictures or videos of giant reptiles, look away now. Then again, how often does one see a Godzilla-sized lizard on one's doorstep? A Thai resident on Wednesday captured on film his encounter with a not-so-welcome guest that knocked at his door and tried to force its way into his home. Attanai Thaiyuanwong found a monster lizard trying to get inside his house on Wednesday and immediately shared pictures on Facebook. The video shows the lizard slapping its fat tail on a glass door as someone tries to lasso it. And we thought belling the cat was difficult...

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