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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weird news: Husband tortures separating wife for 9 days with 100 blade cuts

Sometimes the inhumanity of humans is incredible. The emotion of being rejected is powerful, especially in the case of marriage. There is a feeling that you own the other person, and when the other person moves away (as is their right), there is a tremendous sense of shock. In extreme cases, this shock can convert into anger at the person, and in such stages, there is no concept of right and wrong. While the whole word may perceive what you are intending and what you are doing as horrific, the person will feel that he is justified in his actions. This is very clear from this article that talks about how the husband, in the process of separation, captured his wife and subjected her to a long period of torture. One wonders about the pain she suffered, the humiliation of knowing that the person whom she had loved (and married without knowing his background) was subjecting her to this kind of treatment (link to article):

A 22-year-old girl was abducted, tortured, abused and slashed by her husband for nine long days, according to media reports. On Thursday, her husband was arrested and produced at a Mulund court. He was remanded to police custody till July 14. Their ill-fated love story started when both became friends on Facebook in February this year. The young girl was wooed by his charms and weeks after their virtual romance had begun, they got married at a Bandra court. But soon, the man started unleashing his menacing side, pestering the girl over religion, threatening and abusing her family. The girl lodged a non-cognisable (NC) complaint against her husband in Mulund police station. They divorced on May 29, however, the man's misbehaviour continued as the divorce was not formalised in a court of law. According to reports, on June 17, the husband ensnared the girl and held her captive for many days in his residence in Sewri, where he assaulted her with kicks, punches and a razor blade!

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