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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Weird news - Lady falls in bin, scared another lady nearby

Strange things happen all the time in the world, but unless they happen to us, they seem very weird. It is difficult to believe how such things happen, but they do happen. Once in a while there are even cases where people get stick inside cupboards and wall closets, but the story below is pretty incredible. How often do you think that such a story can happen ? A lady approached a large bin meant to collect donations, with all noble intentions and decided to donate a few items. However, some time later she found that she was missing her bracelet and wondered whether they might have also gone to the bin, and tried to locate that bracelet. And strangely, she feel inside and things started going wrong for her. Finally she was extricated from the bin after she called for help, but not before she apparently scared a lady who was planning on doing a donation as well (link to articles):

An Oklahoma City woman donated more than clothes to a roadside bin set up for charitable hand-me-downs this week. The city’s fire department tells in Oklahoma City they had to extricate the would-be Good Samaritan from the metal deposit box after receiving a harried – and more-than-a-little awkward – phone call requesting assistance. "We received a call from a lady that was actually stuck in a donation bin," OKC Fire Chief Brian Stanaland told the site. The snafu ensued when the woman realized she was missing a treasured bracelet after donating several items. She returned to the bin, and somehow fell inside while looking for the bauble.

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