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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weird news - Family kicked off flight because cut on daughter's face cited as hazards

In the light of the 9/11 attacks, a lot more authority was given to the captain and the crew of the flights, and any disturbances during the flight were treated more seriously. So if there was somebody who was disturbing the flight or causing problems to the crew, the captain could land the place at the nearest possible airport where the local police would take away the person causing the disturbance, and that was that. So, there were misunderstandings, people who tried to act funny by speaking jokes about bombs in the flight were reported by co-passengers and captains would refuse to let the flight go until such a person was taken off the flight; in other cases, people were turbans and speaking languages other than English were reported and forced off the flight. There were genuine cases, but a lot more cases about misunderstandings.
However, sometimes things goes beyond such cases and people have to suffer a lot of inconvenience when something like this happens. In the following case, a family was forced to be moved out of the aircraft when the crew saw a small cut on their daughter's cheek and worried that this could be a health hazard when the flight was in the air. The family was embarrassed at being forced off the plane, and had to make their own way since the next flight was only 3 days later. They also had no option since the crew threatened to call the police (link to article):

A British family was kicked off a local plane flight because the pilot reportedly thought a small cut on their toddler’s face was a health and safety hazard. John Maitland, 33, and his partner, Laura Bishop, 36, were traveling with their 19-month old daughter, Robyn, between the Isle of Jersey and Newcastle, England this month when they boarded an easyJet flight, Sky News reported. A stewardess noticed a scrape on Robyn’s cheek that she got after falling on a radiator while on vacation. The couple did not think the small cut was serious. The stewardess alerted the pilot to the injury and the family was told they had to exit the plane.

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