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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weird news - Valet wrecks super expensive car

This is something that could happen anytime, and yet most of us do not even think about it. Consider the situation, you have an ultra-expensive car that you dote upon, and which shows off your economic situation as well. You go to a hotel, and casually hand over the car to the valet at the hotel, without bothering about how the valet will drive, what are his / her driving skills, and so on. And when the valet rams the car and damages it, that is when you realize the soup you are into. Given the economic condition of valets, there is no way that the valet can pay you back for the car, or provide some kind of compensation. If the hotel also refuses, then you have to depend on your insurance to pick up the tab, and hope that the insurance will come through. Well, this is what happened to a car owner in a hotel in New Delhi (the capital of India) where the hotel valet wrecked a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder car, and it also turns out that the car owner was not even in town, his cousins had taken the car out (link to article):
A valet of a five-star city hotel virtually totaled a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder last week. The valet appeared to have lost control of the car while bringing it to the porch, rammed into a stationary car, pushed it aside and caromed into the concrete railing of the rampart. By the time the Lamborghini came to a halt after a resounding crash, the front of the Rs 3-crore plus supercar had caved in. The incident took place on July 3 at Le Meridian hotel. A hotel spokesperson said the incident was an error of the valet who also sustained injuries in the accident.

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