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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weird news - A woman gets a huge phone bill due to data roaming charges

You must have heard of those stories where people get huge phone bills for roaming charges on their mobile phones; and you see people worrying about data plans when they go roaming. So, when somebody plans a trip abroad, they also do a lot of planning about their phone and internet data links, how to get the best plan that would not cost them a packet, and so on. Many of us think that this is strange, after all, how much extra cost would there be when you are on a roaming charge ?
Well, consider the fate of this lady. Her brothers depended on her for their phone bills, and neglected to change their data plans when they went out of their city, and then the lady was hit for a bill that exceeded $200,000 (and when the lady checked, the bill was found to be genuine). What a shock. It was only after some publicity that the phone company decided to be generous and reduce the bill to a much more manageable $2500 (link to article):

A South Florida woman opened up her monthly cell phone bill to find a balance due of $201,000-- and it wasn’t a typo.
Celina Aarons, who uses T-Mobile, usually sees a bill of about $175 per month. Her plan not only includes her phone, but her two deaf-mute brothers, the Associated Press reports. Her brothers communicate primarily through texting and also use their phones to watch videos.
But when her brothers spent two weeks in Canada, with their cell phones on and changed to an international plan, Aarons saw her bill jump to $201,000, the AP reports. They had sent more than 2,000 texts and downloaded videos, charging up close to $2,000 data charges at a time.

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