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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weird news - Sharks in the water hole of a golf course

Typically, a golf course adds many obstacles to make things more challenging. So you can have a sand trap, water trap, trees, as well as many other natural obstacles to make things more difficult. However, people have not gone so far as to make such obstacles be deadly towards the players, although that would add to the attractions for thrill seekers, and probably pull in a number of people who would be attracted.
Consider how unlikely it is that, during a flood, sharks would swim in the waters and come to the water hole of a golf course, and grow there to become the normally dangerous bull sharks (bull sharks are known to be one of the more dangerous species of sharks). What must be worrisome for people as well is the thought that sharks can be found in flood waters, and people do get caught in flood waters (link to article):

But a golf course in southeast Queensland has a different kind of shark attraction: half a dozen bull sharks in a lake that are granting new meaning to the term “water hazard.”
Carbrook Golf Club has captured the bull sharks on video to prove it.
The lake, next to holes 12 through 15, is out-of-bounds to golfers. If a hook or a slice ends in the lake, players are advised to grab a new ball from their bag.
“If you lose a ball, you definitely don’t go in and chase it,” golfer Graham Casemore told the ABC.
That didn’t stop one determined golfer from taking on the sharks -- not wanting to incur a one-shot penalty -- before scampering out defeated.

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