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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weird news - Man kills wife and beheads her

Once in a while, you will watch a particularly gory movie or read a book that describes a murder scene that is particularly gory. If you watch a movie such as "Saw", then you will be watching pretty gory scenes, and these can be disturbing. But what happens when you see such a scene in real life ? It can be utterly horrible, something that is very disturbing and in many cases, requires the people witnessing such scenes to get some sort of medical attention or counselling so that their memories of such scenes are somewhat mollified. Imagine seeing a person walking, carrying the head of his wife in his hand; most likely if you see such a scene, you would run away screaming (link to article):

An autorickshaw driver killed his wife and walked the roads of Guwahati's Hengrabari with her severed head and a blood-stained machete before he was arrested. The couple's younger son is missing.
Ranjit Das was charged with murder and produced in the chief judicial magistrate's court. He was remanded in judicial custody on Friday.
No matter what the reason be, it is just not justifiable to commit such an atrocity.

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