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Monday, November 7, 2011

Weird news - Man digs up dead bodies, and turns them into mummies

People sometimes do such strange things that they puzzle everybody around them. This gets particularly horrid when it comes to such things such as dead bodies, where there is a morbid feeling with regard to dead bodies. In addition, even when a person is dead, there are some rights attached to a person, which dictates laws that prohibit mis-handling of dead bodies. In fact, people tampering with a dead body can face severe legal issues.
So when something happens such as this person, who dug up dead bodies at cemetaries (an offence by itself), where all of these were young girls, and then kept them like dolls. This created a furore in the region, since initially these digging up of graves was considered to be the work of extremist groups, and was finally blamed on this person (link to article):

Ministry spokesman Valery Gribakin said on Monday that the suspect from the Volga River city of Nizhny Novgorod dug up the bodies at several cemeteries in the region. The man, whose identity was withheld, dressed them in clothes dug up from the graves.
Gribakin said that the suspect is a historian who has authored several books. He said the arrest followed a police probe into the desecration of graves in the region, which was initially blamed on extremist groups. Nizhny Novgorod is located about 250 miles (400 kilometers) east of Moscow.

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