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Monday, November 21, 2011

Weird news - Dropping an iPad from 1300 feet, and it still survives ..

... continues to work.
We are used to our electronic instruments being somewhat fragile, not able to take drops very well, and because they can be very expensive, any malfunction can hit us hard. In the recent past, with the introduction of Gorilla glass, the large touch screens are more resistant to impact and to damage from scratches. Only very recently my HTC phone fell down, and the volume rocker switch got twisted with loss in functionality.
As a result, there are a number of accessories that can reduce the chance of such devices being impacted due to falls or cuts, or even when they are kept in a pocket along with keys. But, imagine dropping the iPad from a plane and it still works; this requires a special kind of protection, such as the iPad covers at G-form (link to article):

Gadget sadists at G-Form, who make rather unattractive but undeniably tough cases for iPads, threw the tablet computer out of a plane from 1,300 feet, and it not only survived, the film on screen was still playing.
Previously, the company had thrown an iPad from 500 feet, and dropped a bowling ball on one, but the current test, choreographed using altimeters, is wince-inducing to watch, the Daily Mail reported.

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