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Friday, January 7, 2011

Weird news - Woman wakes up when being carried to her funeral, but dies later

Imagine that a person is being carried to her funeral, to the burial grounds; and then the person who is being carried suddenly wakes up ? Such an occurrence has the potential to shock the mourners, and if any of them are elderly or otherwise have a heart condition, this can cause people to have heart attacks.
Further, if the person has been declared dead by doctors, and is being taken to the burial grounds; but if still alive, then they are missing urgent medical attention, something that could actually worsen their health and plausibly lead to their death (link to article):

A woman, who was declared dead by doctors and whose body was being taken in a procession to the burial grounds, suddenly stirred and stood up sending shivers down the spine of relatives and others present here on Thursday.
She had been admitted to King George's Hospital after she collapsed in the house while attending to her daily chores on Wednesday. The callous KGH doctors had declared her dead and even issued a death certificate. After her `rebirth,' the family later took Varalakshmi to a corporate hospital in a 108 vehicle on Thursday morning. A relative, Nageswara Rao, said the 108 staff noticed her pulse and shifted her to a private hospital where she succumbed later.

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