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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weird news - Man faces huge problem, his car totally freezes in New York

When you are in a city such as New York, the problem of parking is so bad that people literally fight for a parking space. So when somebody sees a parking space, there is a great sense of triumph and people are willing to leave their car for days altogether in that space. However, problems happen only to a minuscule percentage of those users.
What do you say about this case where a person found a parking space, and left his car over there. However, he left it there for a matter of days, and a combination of cold weather, a burst water main (and passing cars splashing the water onto the car) left the car literally frozen. He tried to thaw the car by turning on the engine, but this only ended up breaking the glass of one window. Further, his boss was somewhat incredulous about this story and he had to provide proofs for this story (link to article):

Helfer told the TODAY hosts he found himself a good spot, parked, and–as New Yorkers do–didn’t worry about the car for days. In the meantime, factor in sub-zero temperatures and a broken water main, and the result was a German car transformed into a block of ice. When Helfer got to it, he tried to run the engine to warm the car, and succeeded only in changing the temperature enough to shatter the windshield.

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