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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weird news - Elephant stuck in a well, took quite some time to bring it out

There are many questions that children ask which seem very difficult to answer, and then life makes a reality. Consider the question related to the child seeing 2 different items and trying to connect them - this happened. The child had just seen an elephant, and some time later saw a well, and connected them together; the innocent question being about what would happen if the elephant found itself in the well; and of course nobody had any real answers to the question. And then surprise, some days later I saw this article that described the same item (link)

This one, in the Ranchi district, just fell right in. Villagers heard plaintive cries from an abandoned well and rushed there to find the elephant stuck inside. He was part of a herd that strayed into the Silli village from the jungles nearby.
For 12 hours, villagers and officials from the Forest Department worked to help him. The officials had to break the walls of the well to make way for the elephant to walk out of there. He sustained some injuries during the rescue operations, but not major ones.

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