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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Woman delivers child in train, and child moves out through toilet

A lot of Indian trains have toilets where the toilet is connected through an open pipe, with the contents of the pipe dropping onto the tracks. This situation gives rise to some weird happenings.
Consider the following case. A woman, fully in term, gets onto a train with her husband, and then goes off to the toilet of the train when she starts getting some pain. She delivers while in the toilet, and the baby actually slips off into this tube and lands on the track. And this is where the maternal instincts kick in, since the woman jumps off the train, and onto the tracks.
Finally the train is stopped, and people go to find the woman and her child, from where they are taken to the hospital, and finally they are all in good health (link to article):

In a case that seems to be straight out of 'Ripley's Believe It or Not', a woman delivered a child inside a toilet of a moving train and the newborn slipped down the outlet into the tracks but miraculously escaped unhurt.
When the train stopped, the passengers walked back to the spot where Rinku and her child were lying, they said, adding both were brought back to the train. A medical team attended on them at the Purulia station, when the train reached around midnight.
The mother and baby were referred to the Purulia Sadar hospital where their condition was stated to be out of danger, hospital superintendent Swapan Kumar said.

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